On December 22, 2015, the Ministry of Health and Economic Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan approved the “Roadmap for the implementation of an integrated model for the management of strokes in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2016-2019,” the implementation of which was entrusted to JSC “National Center for Neurosurgery” (hereinafter referred to as JSC). "NCN"). In this connection, by order No. 686 of 02/08/2016. The Ministry of Health and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Stroke mortality issues and medical care quality improvement for patients with stroke” a new structural unit “Republican Coordination Center for Stroke Problems” (hereinafter RCCSP) as part of JSC “NCN” was launched. 

In order to provide medical care to hospital patients with stroke, by order No. 384 of June 27, 2023, the Republican State Enterprise for Economic Rights “National Coordination Center for Emergency Medicine” was instructed to relocate RCCSP under its supervision.

The purpose of creating the RCCSP is to improve the quality of medical care for stroke patients and coordinate the stroke service of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

RCCSP is a unique division of the National Coordination Center for Emergency Medicine, which combines organizational, methodological, clinical, scientific and educational work. The RCCSP team implements the set of goals and objectives:

- Medukhanova Sabina Garafovna – head of the RCCSP, neurologist, master of public health JMHM;

- Bakirova Zhanel Erzhanovna – chief specialist of the RCCSP, manager, master of public health

- Nurgalieva Shyryn Kaderovna – leading specialist of the RCCSP, neurologist.

Employees of the RCCSP developed national indicators for effective analysis, monitoring and management of the stroke service of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  Systematic work is underway to implement the measures of the Republican Roadmap.  Onsite visits to the regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan are carried out, during which monitoring and analysis of the regional stroke service is carried out. Telemedicine consultations are conducted with remote regions on treating tactics of complex cases, including stroke in pregnant and postpartum women, when needed flights are carried out via air ambulance. Within the framework of the 005 Republican budget program of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the priority issue “Stroke”, since 2017, stroke service specialists have been trained: neurologists, neurosurgeons, interventional surgeons, anesthesiologists-resuscitators, radiologists, rehabilitation specialists, therapists, GPs, paramedics, speech therapists. Clinical guidelines have been developed for the following diseases: “subarachnoid hemorrhage”, “non-traumatic intracerebral haemorrhage”, “Cerebral venous thrombosis”.

Every year, scientific and practical conferences are held with the participation of international experts in the field of neurology and the organization of stroke services, round tables, during which pressing issues of the stroke service of each region of the country are discussed.

In 2017, 2 social videos were released on the first signs of stroke and on timely seeking medical help, authored by Akhmetzhanova Z.B., the main role in one of them was played by the famous Kazakh actor Erbolat Kasymovich Toguzakov. The videos are rotated on the republican TV channels “KTK”, “Astana”, “Khabar”, as well as in medical organizations and public places of the regions of Kazakhstan.

On October 23, 2019, a memorandum was signed between NCN JSC, represented by the Chairman of the Board S.K. Akshulakov and the Representative Office of the World Health Organization in Kazakhstan, represented by the Head and Permanent Representative of WHO in Kazakhstan O.P. Chestnova “On cooperation in the implementation of measures for the prevention and treatment of stroke, as well as other related issues in the field of healthcare.”

In 2022, “A practical guide to care and home rehabilitation for patients with neurological deficits” was translated into Kazakh language and published.

Currently, RCCSP employees are involved in long-term projects:

- in Expert Council on atherosclerosis, for the development of a “Roadmap for the provision of medical care for atherosclerosis and lipid metabolism disorders”;

- in working group on nutrition, the work is carried out to implement the “Roadmap for Promoting Healthy Nutrition among the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2022-2025.” jointly with the WHO Regional Office for Europe;

- in introduction of the international project “Fast Heroes”, a project to disseminate knowledge about the first signs of stroke among children of 5-9 years old.

Currently, there are 79 stroke centers operating in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

A practical guide to care and home rehabilitation for patients with neurological deficits

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