I welcome you to the official website of the Republican State Enterprise “National coordination center for emergency medicine” of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main goal of the organization is to improve the quality and accessibility of emergency medical care in the form of medical aviation (using air transport) to reduce mortality and disability of the population in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Center carries out its activities within the guaranteed volume of free medical care, the procedure for the provision of which is determined by the authorized body in the field of healthcare.

National Coordination Center of Emergency Medicine provides emergency medical and advisory services, transportation of patients in serious condition, delivery of medical specialists, transportation of donor tissues, organs and biomaterials through medical aviation. The aircraft and helicopters used are necessarily certified by the Civil Aviation Committee. The provision of medical equipment and medicines to mobile medical aviation teams is clearly regulated and is carried out smoothly in accordance with the approved minimum list of equipment and medical products, which allows resuscitation measures to be carried out both in the air and on the ground. The task of the mobile medical aviation team is not only to accompany the patient during his transportation, but also to monitor, maintain the condition, and ensure maximum patient safety on board, taking into account the difficulties that may arise during the flight. All specialists of the Center are highly qualified professionals who strive for self-improvement of their professional skills, thanks to which each patient is provided with high-quality and timely medical care.

Medical care in the form of medical aviation covers the population of Astana, Almaty, Shymkent and all regions of the country. Such widespread coverage by the medical aviation service will ensure the availability of timely and high-quality specialized medical care to residents of remote and hard-to-reach areas, preserving the life and health of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The grounds for using aviation services for the purpose of providing medical care in the form of medical aviation are reflected in the order № ҚР ДСМ-225/2020 dated November 30, 2020 "On approval of the Regulations for the provision of medical care in the form of air ambulance".

It should be noted that for the entire period of activity from the beginning of the foundation to 2022, the number of flights performed in the field of medical aviation amounted to 22,957 flights:

in 2011 - 323;

in 2012 - 1,005;

in 2013 - 1,355;

in 2014 - 1,875;

in 2015 - 2,149;

in 2016 - 2,192;

in 2017 - 2,210;

in 2018 - 2,351;

in 2019 - 2,369;

in 2020 - 2,185;

in 2021 - 2,586;

in 2022 - 2,357.

At the same time, the Center monitors the activities of the ambulance service of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The number of ambulances calls in the Republic of Kazakhstan reached 8,482,373 of 2022, of which the number of calls of the 1st category of urgency – 417,165 calls (4,9%), the 2nd category of urgency – 2,299,839 calls (27,1%), the 3rd category of urgency – 2,540,500 calls (30%), the 4th category of urgency – 3,224,869 calls (38%).

In order to fulfill the instructions of the Head of State to improve the quality and accessibility of the provision of emergency and emergency medical care, one of the main tasks of the service is to introduce international standards for the provision of emergency medical care. Thus, on the basis of National Coordination Center of Emergency Medicine, an Educational and Training Center was organized, the instructors of which conduct large-scale training of medical employees of our republic in international BLS standards, training in ACLS, PALS, PHTLS standards, training of medical transport drivers in Safe Driving training, etc.

From 2017 to 2022, 23,954 students were trained: - BLS - 5,720; - ACLS - 2,400; - PALS - 1,889; - PHTLS - 2019; - Safe driving - 3,965; - Master class on emergency conditions in obstetrics - 5,612; - Hospital triage of patients - 60; - Provision of intraosseous access with the device BIG - 34; - Comprehensive seminar-training - 1 445; ADS (Dispatch Service in Ambulance) - 126; Flight physiology and transportation of patients - 186; First aid (First aid) - 5; Master class "Assessment of the organization of the work of admission departments of hospitals" - 493.

Also, in the structure of the National Coordination Center of Emergency Medicine, a Situation Center is actively working around the clock, whose specialists, together with an expert group, constantly conduct daily round-the-clock monitoring and analysis of critical patients in the department of anesthesiology, intensive care and intensive care to take measures to improve the quality of medical care through medical aviation.

An expert group consisting of qualified specialized specialists from republican medical organizations, the cities of Astana and Almaty, as well as educational and scientific organizations in the field of healthcare (resuscitators, obstetricians-gynecologists, infectious diseases specialists, pulmonologists, cardiologists, nephrologists and others) conducted 2,491 remote medical services in 2022.

In 2022, the main staff specialists of the Situation Center conducted over 33,341 remote medical services for critical patients.

It should be emphasized that the implementation of the activities of the National Coordination Center of Emergency Medicine of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan will help save the lives and health of thousands of people, increasing the satisfaction of the population with the availability and quality of emergency medical care.

In conclusion, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that there is a section on the site called "Write to us". With this tool, you can contact us with questions and suggestions.

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