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The Educational and training Center is a high-tech simulation center that uses advanced methods of training and advanced training of medical workers in the field of international standards for the provision of emergency care, practicing medical manipulation techniques and training to adequately respond to emergency situations. For the organization of the educational process, lecture halls and classrooms are provided, equipping with imitation and training equipment.

The educational and training center was created for the purpose of training and practicing emergency conditions for employees of the air ambulance service, emergency medical care personnel, as well as persons subject to training according to international standards for the provision of emergency medical care.

Main objectives:

  1. Organization and implementation of educational technologies by applying new methods and ways of transferring information in accordance with the requirements of practical health care and the personal needs of students;
  2. Implementation of educational activities aimed at the development, strengthening of practical skills on the basis of simulation training complexes, including electronic ones, within the framework of clinical studies according to the schedules of the educational process, independent work of students to consolidate the learning skills, the stage of final certification of practical skills and the final control of knowledge and skills;
  3. Organization of seminars, conferences, contractual master classes;
  4. Organization and conduct of master classes with the involvement of international specialists and cycles of advanced training and retraining according to the republican budget program “Advanced training and retraining of personnel of public health organizations”;
  5. Elaboration of manuals, instructions on the basis of educational, methodological domestic and foreign recommendations in order to improve the system of continuing professional education;
  6. Educational and methodological support of the process of training, formation of algorithms for performing various medical manipulations, development of clinical thinking, development of interdisciplinary work skills, development of teamwork skills, solving situational problems.


  1. Organizational, educational, methodological, scientific and informational support of the educational process for the development of educational programs, new competencies, knowledge and skills;
  2. Providing conditions for practical training on simulators for the acquisition of practical skills for conducting diagnostic and treatment procedures and manipulations according to training programs;
  3. Consolidation and testing of the students' skills that ensure the professional and medical problem solving, of the algorithm of activities;
  4. Organization of staff training abroad, inviting foreign specialists;
  5. Final testing of the quality of knowledge and practical skills of students according to educational programs;
  6. Systematic improvement of the professional competence of the training center employees and instructors participating in the educational process on the basis of the National coordination center for emergency medicine.

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